USB Type C AC Charger for Lenovo Chromebook 500e c630 T480 GX20N20876 USB-C Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord For 20V 3.25A 65W S40-70 S435 M30-70 Delippo 19.5V 6.15A 120W 6.3*3.0mm New Original All-in-one B305 C305 B31R2 E4000 C340 ADP-120ZB Notebook Battery ThinkPad Helix 0B47030 IdeaPad 305 U330P U330T U430p 45W Plug HQ984 L410 L412 L420 E420 E425 E430 E520 E30 E40 E50 SL510K 90W FOR Thinkpad Edge E120 E125 E135 E220 E320 E325 E330 NEW 2.25A Essential G405 G505 G510 ADLX45NLC3 36200245 36200246 Yoga 510-15isk 710-11ISK 710-11IKB 710-14IKB 710-14ISK 710-15IKB 710-15ISK 6A 6.75A ac adapter IdeaCentre 510-23ASR 520-22ICB 520-22IKL 520-22IKU 520-24ICB 520-24IKL all-in-one pc power N23 80UR N24 81AF N22-20 80VH N42-20 80VJ 80US 80VJ0003CF 80VJ0002US 19V 3.42A Z360 Z460 N500 N5825 G430 U110 ADP-65CH A +Cable 80R5 80RL 80TD 80TH 80T2 80T3 80D7 80GX 80GW 12V 3A Ac 10 2 4X20E75066 TP00064A Tablet Adaptor Toshiba Satellite T130-13Q M40X-128 L670-17H L775-11F L650-18M notebook DC Chargers P580-308723U P585-4575H4U U400-099328U K22 K23 K24 K26 K27 K29 E41-80 G40 G40-70 G40-45 G40-30 G40-80 Z40-70 Z40-75 S41 S41-35 S41-70 U41-70 520S-14IKB 710s-13ISK 710S-13IKB PC Brand Factory directly supply Top quality 4.74A 0713A1990 PA-1900-52LC series JIGU 8.5A FANKOU LENOVO Legion Y720 P50 P70 T440p T540 T540p W540 W541 YOGA 310-14 510-14 710-13 100S-14IBR 110S-11IBY EU + Changer hp Pavilion N3000(N5000 ZE1000 ZE1200 ZE4100 ZE4200 ZE4300 ZE4700) Series laptop charger 100-14IBD 110-15AST 110-17ACL 110-14IBR N22 IBM F21 F30 F31 F40 F41 F31G F41G F40M 0712A1965 T431s X1 4.5A Flex Pro 720S-15IKB Ideapad 310-15ABR 80ST 310-15IKB 80TV00BHUS 310-15ISK 80SM 41A9732 41A9734 36001718 PA-1121-04LZ 7.7A 150W Square PA-1151-11VA 36200462 ADP-150NB D FSP150-RAB / X100e X120e X121e X130e X131e X200s X200t X200i X201i huiyuan Laptops fit PA-1121-04 PA-1121-04LB 36200440 Active Pen 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity, Customized Shortcut Buttons, Gen 2, Miix 720 GX80N07825 pen Xiaoxin Pad /Pad tab p11 stylus aes 2.0 wgp Precision +pen pouch inclued Stylus P11 Pressure-Sensitive Touch Rechargeable with Case Refill Digital C930-13IKB 01FR713 ST70R02360 High-precision NIB Capacitive Screen Xiaomi MiPad 4 3 1 mipad2 Mi Plus Tablets METALLIC US English keyboard V570 V570C V575 Z570 Z575 B570 B570A B570E B570G B575 B575A B575E B590 B590A NOKOTION Radiator KSB0605HC AD07105HX09KB00 DFS531205HC0T CPU Heatsink Cooling Fan Motherboard Mainboard 10290-2 48.4PA01.021 11S11013536ZZ HM65 DDR3 Russian V580C RU Black B560 B580 B940 E46A G455 G460 G460A G465 G480 G485 Slim G470 ADP-65KH B 36001646 57Y6400 PA-1650-56LC 36001651 360 Transparent Bag Macbook Air Huawei Dell ASUS Hp Fashion School Computer Shoulder Women Men charge waterproof backpack 15 15.4 15.6 inch school bag Big capacity lenovo sony black blue 623 SchoolBag Travel Backpack Backpacks HP inches Bagpack Golooloo L09M6Y02 L10M6F21 L09S6Y02 L09L6Y02 G475 G560 G565 G570 G575 G770 9Cells L421 L510 L512 L520 SL410 SL510 T410 T410i T420 T510 T510i T520 T520i W510 W520 LAPTOP BATTERY X220 X220T 0A36285 0A36286 42T4877l 42T4879 42T4881 6 CELLS LP7 TWS Earphone Wireless Bluetooth-compatible V5.0 Dual Stereo Bass IPX5 Sport Waterproof Long Life Mic 9 Cell 6600mAh battery T60 T61 R60 R61 Z60 92P1133 42T4619 42T4511 Kingsener 01AV494 01AV430 Carbon 5th 2017 6th 2018 01AV429 SB10K97586 01AV431 7.68V 60Wh L17M4PH3 L17C4PH1 L17M4PH2 L17M4PH1 7 5B10Q82425 Pro-13IKB 42T4751 42T4753 42T4755 42T4791 42T4793 42T4795 42T4797 42T4817 42T4819 42T4848 42T4925 7.4V 30WH L16M2PB1 L16S2PB1 L16S2PB2 L16C2PB1 L16C2PB2 320-15ABR/15ISK 320-15IKBR 320-17IKB 5000-15 Back Cover Phab Mobile Phone Housings Rear Replacement Parts 670N 10 B8000 B8080 L13D3E31 L13C3E31 B8000-F B8000-H B8080-H B8080-F 9000MAH L12M4E01 G500 G500S G510S G400S G410S G405S G505S S510P S410P Z501 Z710 L12L4A02 L12L4E01 2800mAh 11.4V 24Wh T470 T570 P51S 01AV427 01AV426 100% original 3.6V 8400mAh 30.2WH L15D3K32 Tab YT3-X50F YT3-X50M 53WH 00HW020 00HW021 P40 460 SB10F46458 SHUOZB 4390mAh.