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Pantalla LCD IPS NV156FHM-NX1 de 15,6 pulgadas, reemplazo matriz 40 Pins120HZ FHD para Lenovo ideapad Gaming 3-15IMH05 3-15AR Waterproof Scratch-proof Transparent Matte/Black Carbon fiber Skin Sticker Cover For Ideapad 3 15 2020 Version New and Original Laptop yoga pro 1370 Palmrest With Italy Keyboard Case Upper case 5CB0G97340 GS55D&GS55E NM-C811 for 5-15ARE05 Motherboard CPU:R5-4500U UMA RAM:16G FRU:5B21B33109 5B20S44364 Test Ok 5-14IIL05 Backlit keyboard 5CB0Y88690 5-14ARE05 81YQ 5B20S72540 5B20S72541 5B21B33112 5B21B33111 GS555D&GS55E R7 5 15IIL05 15ARE05 15ITL05 5-15IIL05 5-15ITL05 5-15ALC05 US UK laptop 5-10pieces DC Power Jack Adapter Charging Cable Harness IdeaPad Flex 2-14 2-15 2-15D 2-14D Basketball Bag YOGA 530 14IKB 2018 520 510 14 330 320 310 C940 C930 13 Sleeve 20V 2.25A AC Supply Charger Lenovo-IdeaPad 110 100 100S 330s S145 Yoga 710 110s 120s 4 80T7 5CB0Y89221 5-14ITL05 Bezel Touchpad no-Backlit power button 5CB0Y88742 NO-power 5CB0Y88943 USB-C docking station D330 D335 converter transfer mouse U disk card reader adapter NEW CB-13IML05 Back Grey Black 14 Touch Screen Digitizer Display Assembly+Bezel 14ARE05 14IIL05 5D10S39641 5D10S39642 5B20S42311 - NM-C362 w/ i5-9300H + GTX 1050 V3G L340-15IRH Laptops Top base lcd back cover /lcd front bezel screen frame L340-15 L340-15IWL 15.6" HD Panel L340-15API 1366x768 Huiyuan fit 45W Replacement 81LH S145-15IWL 81S9 S150-14AS Akemy L340-17API V155-15API FG542 FG543 FG742 NM-C101 CPU R3 3200U Tested 100% Work Genuine L18M3PF7 L18C3PF7 L18L3PF2 Battery S340-14 S340-15 C340-15IIL L18M3PF6 L18L3PF3 L18C3PF6 original U530 C shell English with backlight touchpad 90204089 Sliver Front Hinges Strip U530T 90204056 EALZB003010 Phone K12 Pro wallet leather Fashionable Multicolor Flip Soft Leather Wallet No Mouse Stick Thinkpad W540 T540P W541 T550 W550S L540 L560 E531 E540 P50S T560 HUWEI OTG USB HUB Converter Tab P11 TB-J706F J606 Tablet Type hub dock Connect Fashion Bluetooth 10.1 inch lenovo miix tablet pc Shell X1 3rd Legion Y530 Y530-15ICH 5CB0R40212 ThinkPad X220 X220i Frame 04W1771 60.4kj11.002 Italian S5 S531 S540 palmrest fingerprint hole T520 T520i W520 04W1369 04W6732 730-15 730-15IKB 15.6 Silver AM27G000C10 Clear Tpu protectors C940-14 2019/YOGA C740-14/ideapad S530-13/THINKBOOK 14S/13S Y70 Y70-70 Y70-80 Y70T 17.3 large carriage return bottom New/orig 100S-11IBY 5CB0K48394 DE German 900-13ISK ISK2 5CB0K48456 TR Turkish 90204073 GZEELE B50-30 B50-45 B50-70 B50-80 B51-30 B51-45 B51-80 N50-45 N50-70 330C-15 120S-14 Russian 5CB0P23751 700S-14isk 700S-14 700s A D palm rest Funda TB-J606F Pad 2021 Spanish Korean M10 Plus 10.3 2ND Gen Arabic Hebrew French AIR 14ITL05 upper Edge E40 Box Starter Board Presser 60Y5598 Switch KBD FPR Refurbished 2nd 2014 X131E 00HM251 04Y1855 04W3674 MEIARROW 310-15 310-15ISK 310-15ABR 5CB0M29126 700-15 700-15isk 5CB0L02327 Serbia U430 U430T U430P 3KLZ9TALV40 110-14 110-14IBR small key 5CB0L45773 320S-13 320S-13IKB 7000-13 new C-cover 310-14 310-14ISK COVER HUN ASM L80SL BKIMR IND KB 5CB0N78316 L80TJ 110-15ACL Withk 5CB0L46295 Portugal 5CB0K48390 Bulgaria 1st Backlight Teclado 04Y0793.