Original Mean well NET-35B 33W Triple output 5V 12V -12V Meanwell power supply The RT-50B completely replaces it MEAN WELL PT-45C 45W triple 15V -15V Switching Power Supply open frame type PT-45 LRS-35 35W Single Output 3.3 5 12 15 24 36 48V Light Transformer LRS-35-24 LRS-35-12 High Grade with Remote Control Tiaodan G Spot Stimulation Wireless Frequency Vibration Mute Top Quality Well LRS-350 PSU Series Guaranteed Genuine 350W 24V For ENDER-3 CR10 DIY Prusa 3D Printer Parts FOR POWER SUPPLY S-350-24 24V14.6A constant current LED HLG-185H-C700B 143-286V 700mA 200W PFC waterproof dimming Driver Taiwan Hlg-40h-36B 40.32w 36v 1.12a Waterproof Metal 3 IN1 Dimming APV-8-12 meanwell 12V/0.67A Constant Voltage design 8W LHP-200-5 40A function for display/electronic signage/TV wall/channel letter EPS-65S PCB 65W 3.3V EPS-65S-12 EPS-65S-48 mean 64.8W 1.35A MPS-65-48 Medical PLM-25-700 25W Indoor led lighting plastic case HDR-15-5 85-264V AC TO DC 2.4A 12W Ultra Slim Step Shape DIN Rail 400W ultra-thin 220v switching MEANWELL XLG-25-A adjustable 90-306VAC To 22-54V 250-1250mA IP67 SE-450-24 110/220V 18.8A 451.2W BLV MGN Cube NES-100-48 100W 2.3A Unit NES-100 HDR-100-24 3.83A 92W APC-25-1050 1050mA 300W HRP-100-36 single 2.9A 36V TDR-240-24 three-phase 340-550VAC wide range input to 240W 10A QP-200F 5V/15A 15V/3A 24V/3A -15V/0.7A 202.5W Quad Function GST25B018-P1J 18V 1.38A desktop Adaptor Interface 5.5mm*2.1mm EPS-65-48-C 1.5A enclosed EPS-65 cover HRP-75-48 75W 1.6A HRP-75 G5 series RPS-120 AC/DC Green Enclosed Type 120W 12V/10A 15V/8A 24V/5A 27V/4.5A 48V/2.5A SDR-120-48 2.5A slim phase Industrial 5A HDR15 HDR30 HDR60 HDR100 HDR150 DC5V Din 30 60 100 150W original MSP-300 7.5V 9A 14A 22A 27A 60A LPV-100-12 driver 8.5A LRS-200-3.3 132W RD-50A 54W Dual 110V/220V 6A 3A APC-12-350 350mA Mode Uhp-750-48 48v Source LPV-35-15 36W UL CB CE EMC approved EPP-100-48 2.1A RS-15-48 15.024W/0.313A/48V online store RT-65D 5V/24V/12V 68W RD-125-2448 144W 2A SMPS RQ-65 65Watt Php-3500 Conduction Cooling P3500w 24v High-power Air Water Cold RS-35-5 35W/7A/5V 5V-48V 600W SE-600 Stepper Motor Switch PSPA-1000 12V/15V/24V/48V 1000W and Parallel quality DL380G4 DPS-600PB B 321632-501 367238-501 321632-001 working DPS-500WB-1 A G28822-003 450W DPS-600MB Z LRS-200-48 4.4A LRS-200 211.2W Dc lift 80m 3000L Per hour solar water pump deep home MuenLed NEL-400-5 / 80A Best Display Supplier Crimper Cable Cutter Automatic Wire Stripper Multifunctional Stripping Tools Crimping Pliers Terminal 0.2-6.0mm2 tool IWS-2412M/IWS-2820M JAM Molex Tyco JST Connector Multi-function wire plier 10 pieces/Lot 25 mm² Terminals Busbar Circuit Breaker Distribution Box Electrical TONGOU 10Pcs USLKG2.5N USLKG2.5 Screw Ground Earth Protective Modular Block USLKG 2.5N 2.5 PARON Professional Crimpers Engineering Ratcheting Bootlace Ferrule Tool Cord End Electrician Long Nose Hand Insulation Tube 75pcs 221 Connectors Clamp Reusable Mini Quick Home 900pcs/box Easy Connection 2.8/4.8/6.3mm Universal Spring Plug crimped Sheath Set Kits.