New Original For Lenovo THINKPAD X1 YOGA 2nd Gen 2017 Palmrest Upper Case Keyboard Bezel Cover Touchpad W/Hole Black for ThinkPad Carbon 8th Yoga 5th Laptop Motherboard FX490 NM-B861 FRU;5B20W21741 5B20Z25550 CPU;I7 10510U 16G 100% working lenovo motherboard with i5-7200 cpu+8G ram+heatsink together 01AX845 16822-1 448.0A913.0011 4th / 1st laptop 14282-2m CPU I7-6500U/6600U RAM test OK Akemy 2018 Notebook 17800-1 448.0CX04.0011 FRU 01YN204 I7 8550U 8GB Test W/ 7500 7600U 8G-RAM 01AX866 01LV184 Mainboard 14 LED LCD Touch Screen Display Assembly With Frame And Control Panle 3rd 01YT248 01AY924 02HL922 B140QAN02.2 Touchscreen IR NEW German keyboard FOR Backlit GR SM10M69727 448.0CX05.0011 i5-8250U/8350U 01YN206 01YN207 16G-RAM 01LV185 01AX876 Charger Cable Thinkpad Mechanical Pen Stand 450.04P0A.0001 new 6th Extreme S530-13IML Camera 720P 01HW044 01HW045 sim Tray pallet 5M10V24983 English US 00JT888 01AW927 SN20H344940 Tablet Thin 01AW600 01AW650 TP00082K1 Backlight CSMHY 00HW045 SB10J78994 00HW046 Battery 12 Inch 2016 SB10J78993 7.5v 37WH 65W Type C Adapter T490 7th T480 T480s T590 T490s T14 T15 L14 01FR030 02DL128 Charmsunsleeve 8 (14”) Ultra-thin Pouch Bag Cover,Microfiber Leather Sleeve and main board i7-5600 00HT361 LRV3 FFC FPR Connection Wire Fingerprint Reader Sensor SC10Q2567 FRU: 01LV554 01LV555 01LV556 New/orig 135W AC adapter P1 00HM687 00HM689 135W,20VDC,2P,WW,CHY ADAPTERS DX120 NM-B141 20HR 20HQ CPU: I5-(7300U/7200U) RAM: 01AY074 01AY084 14 1920*1080 Resolution New/Orig Protective Shell Rear BlacK Back 01AW795 00NY830 01AW751 Top Lid 04X5565 00HN935 x1 carbon 2nd/3rd (6th Gen) (14) CARBON TYPE 20A7 20A8 NFC,Spanish cover/keyboard cover 04X6572 00HM010 Cooler Cooling Fan Heatsink 5H40W65011 5H40W65012 Bluetooth Mouse 720 710 920 910 900s 6 7 Pro 5 4 S3 S2 S1 Rechargeable Silent Mice 14.0 Digitizer 20LD 20LE 20LF 20LG Replacement 45N1070 45N1071 Series 3444 3448 3460 46WH Free Shipping Titanium 4G 5G T99W175 WWAN Antenna HELIX 04X0504 Front I5 4300U 00HN767 LMQ-1 MB 12298-2 48.4LY06.021 3RD I5-8250 8350U 5B20V13402 01YN210 01YN240 00HT342 00HT354 5200U Work 13268-1 448.01430.0011 X1c PC LMQ-2 8G Quality Assurance 00NY857 Thinkpad-X1-Tablet 15218-2 M5-6Y57 4GB Tested work X1-TABLET Laotop M-6Y75U 16GB KoCoQin LENOVO Core SR340 I5-7300U LRV2 01AX854 : 00HN769 48.4LY07.021 w I7-4600U Ultrabook I7-7500 NoteBook 01YR149 LP140QH2 SPB1 LP140QH2-SPB1 Panel 2560X1440 Lcd Lvds Line 6TH 01YR429 WQHD LVDS Video JIANGLUN L+R screen hinges set 4TH 00JT842 00JT843 2PCS Anti-Glare Protector Guard Filter 2014-2017 release 5th/6th/8th/7th LP140QH2(SP)(B1) LP140QH2(SP)(D1) 00NY681 00NY664 01YN128 4K Matrix NV140QUM-N53 UHD 3840X2160 40 pin Non-touch con el contacto para yoga OLED Digister pantalla marco 01AX899 FHD IPS gen 2019 (20QD 20QE 20R1 20R2) Non QHD (Type 20LD, 20LE, 20LF, 20LG) 01AY929 pins 00JT863 SB30K59264 W/FP 01LV997 Full GEN Sticker 01YR448 Genuine FRU-00HN876 2560*1440 LP140QH1(SP)(E1).