14.0 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for Lenovo ideaPad Flex 5-14IIL05 5-14ARE05 5-14ITL05 5-14ALC05 80X1 81X2 82HS 82HU 3pcs/pack 5 14”2-in-1 Touchscreen 15 15.6 2021 Clear/Matte Notebook Laptop Protector Film Original 13.3 2-in-1 FHD Assembly+Bezel For Chromebook 13IML05 5-13IML05 1920x1080 14'' Display Glass with Bezel Ideapad 81X1 5.5 White NEW Outer LENOVO ZUK Edge Front Panel fingerprint Sensor flex cable 14.0 Frame new lenovo IdeaPad D cover bottom case 2020 model New 5-14 Yoga 520-14IKB empty palmrest keyboard bezel YOGA 530-14 530-14IKB 530-14ARR 6-14 Palmrest Upper Case Keyboard Cover 520-14 Back Cover/Front Bezel/Palmrest/Bottom Housing 520 14 Active Pen 2 Bluetooth 6 P50 P51 P70 P1 ideapad C340 yoga 12 720 x1 duet stylus FOR ThinkPad T400 R400 FRU BT LED without camera version screen LVDS video display 93P4593 7XINbox 14.4V 2200mAh L12L4K51 L12M4A01 L12M4E51 L12M4K51 L12S4A01 L12S4E51 Battery 14M 15M S500 BCM94350 2X2AC+BT4.0 PCIE M.2 WLAN Card Thinkpad FLEX 3-1480 B41-80 2-1580 Series,FRU 00JT494 SW10H24482 NOKOTION 500-14ISK Motherboard Inch 4405U CPU 5B20K36388 LT41 SKL MB 14292-1 448.06701.0011 Applicable To The 500-15 3-15 1570 1580 Palm Pad / English French Latin North Irving/ High quality 5CB0J34044 3-1470 plamrest assmebly US Layout backlit tested to X240 X250 X260 X270 Cable 01AW438 SC10K41897 DC02C007400 30 Pin LVD 13MP Camera 5.2 Z2 Pro Rear Main Replacement Parts C340-14IWL C340-14IML Flex-14IWL 14IML Bottom Base Blue 5CB0U41724 Flex2 5B20G16325 13310-1 448.01001.0011 w A6-6310 2GB Graphics Onboard 2-15 NoteBook PC Tested Akemy 5B20K28168 3-1580 500-15ISK laptop motherboard 940M I7-6500U 500-14IBD notebook 14217-1M 448.03N03.001M i5-5200U 100% working i3 4005U 4030U BM5338 FLEX10 10 90005234 W/ N3540 2G RAM Test work original 3-1120 300-11IBY Laotop Mainboard N2940U 4GB CIUYA YB SA SB SD LA-E541P 5B20N71261 5-1570 320S-15ISK 940MX SR341 i7-7500U 4-1480 5D10L45870 80SA0003US FHD Montage Met inch matrix 4 Lcd WITH 5-15 80XB 81CA 15.6inch NV156QUM-N32 P/N 5D10N46973 4K + 20405 80FK 2-15D 20377 80EF 11.6 330-11 330-11IGM 6-11IGM panel Free shipping 80X8 14 Screen+Touch 14.0Touch 4-14 1470 1480 1430 Series 3 11 BEZEL 1366*768 15.6 500 YOGA500-15 FLEX3-15 assembly touch +led 1920*1080 300-11 500-11 300 8S1102-01049 white GZEELE 4-1435 4-1470 Black With Backlight Backlit Well Z5 L78031 Circuits Fee Phone L19L3PD6 L19M3PD6 L19C3PD6 L19D3PD6 5-15IIL05 14IIL05 14ITL05 14ARE05 82DF C550 2048 Stylus Lenovo- Yoga460/260/520/530/720/900s MIIX 4/5 510/700/710/720 L19C3PF8 battery L19M3PF8 SB10X02592 SB10X02595 3-11IGL05 11.58V 36.4wh 3255mAh JIGU 4ICR17/65 L12S4Z01 L12S4L01 I1000 S300 S310 S400 S405 M30 charger 20V 3.25A ADLX65NLC2B 0B47459 0B47461 45N0330 ac adapter M4400s M490s S410 S435 S510 S600 Novaphopat A6010 MIC Microphone ; 5pcs/lot Power & Ringer Louder Speaker Module Tab YT3-850F Loudspeaker Buzzer Compatible A8-50 A8-50F[Flex Only] 10PCS/Lot K5 Note K52e78 A7020 USB Charging Dock Jack Plug Socket Port Connector Charge Board DDR3 R5 M230 Video 4-1580 80VE cooler cooling FAN AND HEATSINK test good free KH Carbon fiber Crocodile Snake Leather Sticker Skin Guard FLEX15 ST7 PalmRest&keyboard 3-1130 300-11IBR 5CB0J08356 5CB0F76776 Bezel/Hinges/Palmrest/Bottom Shell Touchpad 90205079 3RST6TALV20 Top base lcd back flex6-14 YOGA530-14ikb Vinyl Stickers guard 65W 20V/3.25A Adapter Square Round 1.8M Charger 710 510, 710S, 4(US Plug) 14s IHU HS450 EDP Ribbon DC02C00QL10 5C10S30123.